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Our Awards Gala last Saturday, June 8th, 2019, featured a written speech by “Psychologist of the Year” award winner, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, whose courage is certainly inspiring.  A member of Congressman Ro Khanna’s staff received the “Outstanding Legislator of the Year” award on his behalf.  He shared that Rep Khanna was keen on attending our event but had a 
meeting with former President Carter at the same time.  Due to a technical glitch, the full video of our meeting with Congressman Ro Khanna on May 29th could not be shown but you’ll soon find it on our website.  Here is an interesting article from SF Chronicle Balancing act makes some wary of Khanna ; thanks Dr. Jeff Becker for pointing it out to us.


1.       New developments:

  • FDA Overlooked Red Flags In Drugmaker’s Testing of New Depression Medicine: Ketamine is a darling of combat medics and clubgoers, an anesthetic that can quiet your pain without suppressing breathing and a hallucinogenic that can get you high with little risk of a fatal overdose. FDA approved a ketamine cousin called esketamine, taken as a nasal spray, for patients with intractable depression. Under the brand name Spravato, it was introduced as a miracle drug ignoring warning signs. Continue reading at

2.        Feedback-informed treatment, or FIT:

  • Big Data has transformed everything from sports to politics to education. It could transform mental-health treatment, too—if only psychologists would stop ignoring it…. Studies have shown that more important than the model being used is the skill of the therapist: Can therapists engender trust and openness? Can they encourage patients to face their deepest fears? Can they treat clients with warmth and compassion while, when necessary, challenging them? Doctors rely on a wide range of instruments—stethoscopes, lab tests, scalpels. Therapists, by contrast, are the main instruments of psychotherapy. Want to read more? Continue at

3.       Gov. Newsom’s health care policies

4.       How Presidential candidate Seth Moulton would expand mental health care for military and vets:


5.       News from Kaiser:

6.       Miscellaneous: